temporary implant crown care


  • Your temporary implant crown will reshape your gum tissue to harmonize with your natural teeth. This step is essential to achieving an esthetic result.
  • The temporary crown is connected to your dental implant. At this stage, the implant is in the process of fusing to your jaw bone. Keeping it immobile, without any pressure, will result in a successful implant. However, any pressure or disturbance to the temporary crown will likely compromise your dental implant success. Therefore, eat softer foods and avoid any function on the temporary crown.
  • Frequent visits to check the bite on the temporary crown is strongly suggested. The temporary crown will last between 4-6 months under proper care.
  • To clean your temporary crown, use a soft-bristle toothbrush in circular/ vibrating motion and gently use a proxybrush between both sides of the crown.
  • Please comply with your scheduled follow-up visits. If the crown becomes loose or your bite changes, please call the office immediately.


Temporary crown repair before 1 month: no fee. Temporary crown repair after 1 month: repair fee applied.